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That means there are no minimum account balances and no special status requirements. For the first time, small investors can get a fair shot at the market. Despite the apparent benefit of accessibility, Robinhood offers virtually no customer support either by phone or live chat. In fact, when it comes to finance, there seems to be an app for everything from getting a loan to trading stocks. Let’s take a look at a round-up of fintech startup companies that you need to keep your eye on.

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The goal for this fintech startup is to reduce and eliminate accounting errors and the time that in-house teams spend on bookkeeping work. They undid the archaic brick-and-mortar banking model in favor of an app-based bank. They offer specific services like savings and mortgage lending, but they meet customers where they are on their smartphones. With lower overhead, they can pass significant savings and fewer fees on to their customers.

Finance, procurement and operations departments can all use the company’s platform to analyze spending trends, hit savings goals and even find areas where money is being inefficiently spent. Wayfair, Nordstrom and Spending Tree are just a few of the companies that use Suplari’s platform to analyze, predict and cut down on costs. Lending Club is a peer-to-peer and alternative investing service providing new options for those seeking capital and those looking to invest. Through an online marketplace, investors purchase notes or fractions of loans and borrowers receive funds for such things as debt consolidation and home renovations. Affirmis a lending platform that allows users to pay for online purchases in small installments.

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With a billion-dollar valuation, Razorpay is one of the rare fintech unicorns. Rapyd is a fintech platform that offers a payment gateway that focuses on international payments. Its main attraction is helping e-commerce businesses achieve easy localization.

  • Unbanked/underbanked services that seek to serve disadvantaged or low-income individuals who are ignored or underserved by traditional banks or mainstream financial services companies.
  • Besides, the startup offers trade document verification, resume matching, and loan forgiveness, among others.
  • Stripe is a fintech platform that quickly became one of the fastest-growing startups in the world.
  • Fully authorised and regulated by the PRA and FCA, over 5m people use Monzo to manage and spend their money around the world.

Also offers several open-source APIs that can be used by developers to create their own Bitcoin apps. Close its P2P operations after 16 years, to focus more on its challenger bank offering. Propel builds software dedicated to helping low-income Americans improve their financial health. Find out in simple terms what insurance you might consider as a startup founder, and what situations may make it necessary to update your coverage. Bunq currently operates in 30 markets and with a valuation of €1.6bn they are firmly established as a FinTech unicorn.

Mexico Exceeds The Barrier Of 300 Fintech Startups

British startup FUNDSaiQ offers real-time fund performance analytics for financial advisors. The startup’s solution uses AI to analyze historical and live fund data. This enables investors to identify high-performing active and passive funds in the global mutual fund market that meet their sustainability requirements as well. Moreover, the solution allows users to find top fund managers in each strategy, enabling investors to further improve wealth management. With analytics, FUNDSaiQ makes anomaly detection easier than manual fund verification, saving time and accelerating decision-making. Even after the growth of the cashless payments space in recent years, the majority of payment transactions around the world are still done in cash.

Appsmith competitors are Bubble, Dittofi, FlutterFlow, Glide, Retool, Softr, Stacker, and Thunkable. Get our free newsletter for insights into in technology, startups, and our services. Main Mezzanine Capital is a Dutch investment and financing company that focuses on growing companies in the software and TMT sector. FlowFund is an online platform for business loans, enabling small- and medium-sized enterprises to borrow money directly. Fern Software is an international SaaS fintech solutions provider to hundreds of companies in 50+ countries. CapitalT is a seed-stage venture capital fund investing in tech companies.

Atom’s mobile app is available on iOS and Android, allowing users to bank and access statements anywhere, 24/7, with customer service accessible 365 days a year. Mortgage repayments can be monitored through the app, with Atom providing an independent broker to offer advice on the best deal. In Atom’s latest financial statement, in 2021, it reported a turnover of £42.3m. OakNorth’s borrowers can attend credit committees to discuss their business’ growth plans and funding requirements directly with decision makers. As well as loans, businesses can choose from a range of business savings accounts with OakNorth.